Something New Popped Up

Yes, I realize my blog post title is “corny”… pun intended.  I will also admit to eating popcorn while I am writing this post… it seemed only fitting.

I recently found out about a fairly new company, based in Arizona, called Kettle Heroes.  Founded by brothers Rudi and Aaron Sinykin, Kettle Heroes makes many varieties of popcorn that are KOSHER. 20% of profits go to local nonprofits, including Boys and Girls Clubs and the Pat Tillman Foundation.  The popcorn is now available in the Tucson-area (Yay!!!) at Basha’s, and coming soon at AJ’s.

Rudi sent six different flavors to the Arizona Jewish Post for us to try.  I actually ran to meet the UPS driver when I saw the truck pull up, and made everyone at work stop what they were doing to come try the popcorn.  (I am the self-proclaimed social director at work, so a popcorn tasting party was in order.)  We sat around our board room table and tried each flavor, sharing comments and picks for each or our favorites.

We tried Cayenne Lime Kettle Corn (that flavor mysteriously disappeared from my house the night before Logan got her braces on), Movie Theatre Popcorn, Blue Note Cheddar Corn, Smoked Chipotle Cheddar, Original Kettle Corn and Cinnamon Sugar Kettle Corn.  Simon Rosenblatt has been asking me for nutritional info since I posted a teaser on Facebook.  Depending on the flavor, a serving, which is about 1 1/2 C., averages 130 – 150 calories.  Not bad for a snack food!  The amount of sugar varies by flavor, so there are definitely options for those on a no or low-sugar diet.

My favorite flavor is the Blue Note Cheddar Corn.  I like cheesy flavors in general, but sometimes they are too intense (or cheesy).  Blue cheese can be tricky too, as it is definitely one of the stinkier cheeses, and can therefore be overpowering.  What I love about the Blue Note Cheddar Corn is that the flavor is subtle.  It has a blend of aged white cheddar and “notes of blue cheese,” so it has the nice zing and flavor of blue cheese, without being overpowering.

The Cinnamon Sugar Kettle Corn is also on my favorites list.  It reminds me of eating cinnamon-sugar toast (kind of Midwest thing, I think), without the messy, sticky result.  I think these two actually tie for my favorite… one savory, one sweet.

The Cayenne Lime Kettle Corn was a little too spicy for me.  It had quite a kick of back heat.  Logan really liked it though; that was her favorite flavor.  The Smoked Chipotle Cheddar is more my speed for a spicy snack, as the smokiness of the chipotle chili, along with the cheddar to mellow things out, gives the flavor just enough spiciness without being too spicy to enjoy.

Kettle Heroes does more than just packaged popcorn for retail sales.  They also have a food truck for making popcorn on-site for events and have fundraising options for nonprofits looking to sell their own unique product.  They will print custom labels for your organization, and set up web sales for you, which eliminates the need to go door-to-door.

All of the flavors are kosher certified, so it’s a great product to consider for synagogue, religious school or Jewish youth group fundraisers and events.  Happy munching!

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