Penny Pinching: Kosher Style!

I have always been a bargain-hunter.  I love the thrill of knowing what I could  have paid for something, and sharing what I actually paid for it.  I discovered shopping at Grocery Outlet about 12 or 13 years ago, when Logan was a toddler.  I find all kinds of things there, from kitchen utensils and food storage bags to hair products and craft supplies, not to mention groceries, of course.  Grocery Outlet carries close-outs, such as when manufacturers change the label on a product, so the prices can be up to 50% less than suggested retail prices.

I shop at Grocery Outlet around once per month.  I will warn you, it’s hit-or-miss.  A few months ago, I posted a great find on Facebook, kosher cheddar cheese blocks.  I don’t think anyone who saw the post actually found it, as it was gone most likely by the end of the day.  Sometimes I’ll find Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, or even Godiva ice cream, sometimes there are only very strange flavors of ice cream, so just shop with an open mind.

The last time I shopped at Grocery Outlet, I was curious to see how many kosher products I could find.  I found quite a few!

Sabra brand Hummus – $2.99  

I chose the spicy variety… which was very spicy, but otherwise good.

Goat Cheese – $1.99

Goat cheese can be pricey.  The flavor was cranberry-cinnamon, which was very tasty.  I always look for goat cheese on every Grocery Outlet trip.

Nathan’s Honey Mustard Crinkle Fries – $.99

I bought these for pure kosher research reasons… actually, they were quite addicting.  These disappeared within a day or two.

Other finds included Chobani Yogurt Cups at $.59 each, shelled walnuts for $3.99 Amy’s vegetarian baked beans at $1.49 and Chicken of the Sea Chunk Lite tuna for $.89 per can.

I try to stock up staples and pantry items from Grocery Outlet, but I almost always find great buys in the dairy and frozen foods sections as well.

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