Comfort from the Kitchen

For the last two weeks I have been taking care of a very sick pup, trying to help her get over a nasty case of kennel cough, along with chronic malnourishment.  Coaxing her to eat, trying to get her to take in fluids and giving her foods to help her feel better has been a constant.  I turned to the best remedy I know, the medicine of many grandmothers and mothers… chicken soup!  My grandma called homemade chicken soup “the best penicillin in the world.”  It seems to have helped Piccolo.  At first she just wanted to pick out the little bits of chicken, but eventually she started slowly drinking the soup, and is now eating solid foods.

Chicken Soup in a dog dish

Piccolo resting and recovering

Chicken soup is a well-known remedy… I have a few more that are maybe not as well known.  When Logan was around a year old, I came down with a nasty stomach bug.  I couldn’t keep anything down.  My step-mom, Marta, told me I needed to get Saltines and a red jelly, such as raspberry or strawberry jelly.  She told me that the combination of Saltines, along with the jelly would settle my stomach.  It worked almost immediately, and I have tried it out on other occasions.  There must be some truth to this remedy, as Saltines are a binder, and jelly made with berries would have tannins as well as anti-oxidants.  

Another kitchen remedy I use for stomach upsets is ginger.  Drinking ginger ale to settle an upset stomach is well-known, but most ginger ales probably contain very little actual ginger.  I have dried ginger in my spice cabinet, not the powdered kind, although that would work in a pinch, but the dried minced variety, which I buy in the bulk foods section of Food Conspiracy.  I steep the ginger in hot water, then sip it like tea.

Please share your favorite kitchen remedy as a comment below!

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